Surveyor is a software solution that monitors its environment via camera and gathers demographic information about the public in the surrounding area, providing important statistics such as number of people passing by as well as providing facial analytics to classify the pedestrians based on their age and gender. The statistical data is stored in a local database and is made available via RESTful API’s, and easy integration with other applications can be accomplished via a WebSocket interface that provides live notifications about people in the camera’s field of view 

At the moment, the solutions is available for Windows only, with Linux version coming soon – please see our User Guide



Surveyor solution monitors its environment through the camera, detecting people as they pass by the camera’s field of view. It captures how many people walk by at what time, and makes the data available via its API’s, allowing consumer application to chart the data and produce valuable business intelligence

hourly demographic analysis

Surveyor detects people’s faces and runs a classification algorithm to determine individual person’s age, which it then plots in its internal data store. This data can also be retrieved by the hour for a specified time duration, allowing the client to obtain data for such purposes age-based targeted advertisement during specific times of a day, or define sales strategies based on this data

demographics break-down analysis

Surveyor solution offers ability to determine individual people’s genders and provide this data upon request via API’s: along with age information, this feature offers a valuable tool for a client to get an insight into demographic statistics in the targeted area

EASy to use api’s

Surveyor provides easy to use RESTful API’s to retrieve statistical data that it collected. It also provides a WebSocket interface where a client information can subscribe to get real time notifications about people and faces detected in the area of the camera

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